Cache Enabler

Cache Enabler is a relatively simple, but effective, caching plugin developed by KeyCDN and available from the WordPress repository. As all caching plugins, it generates static HTML versions of your posts and pages. It supports GZIP and Brotli compression.

An interesting feature of the plugin is the ability to generate a separate cache version for browsers supporting the WebP format and another one for browsers which don't. It works nicely with the WebP Express plugin.

At the time of writing, Cache Enabler doesn't have a preloading mechanism, which may be a deal breaker for many website owners. Cache of any page or post is generated only when a visitor opens that URL. It may be fine for sites with high traffic or a low number of URLs.

From time to time, it is necessary to clear all cache for various reasons, and for large sites rebuilding it may take time. If your website has lots of URLs and the traffic is not super-high, you might be better served by a caching plugin with a reliable preloading mechanism, e.g. WP-Rocket. But for small sites, with a handful of URLs, Cache Enabler may be a solid caching solution.

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