GenerateBlocks is a collection of building blocks for the WordPress block editor, a.k.a. Gutenberg. It is a freemium plugin developed by Tom Usborne, the creator of the very popular lightweight and advanced GeneratePress theme. The free version is available from the official WordPress repository, and the premium add-on can be purchased from the developer's website.

Compared to other block collections, GenerateBlocks is quite small: at the time of writing, it offers container, grid, headline and button blocks. But it's strength is not a high number of blocks, but rather how useful and convenient the provided ones are. The are very well thought out and make building fast websites with the Gutenberg editor much easier and more enjoyable. These four block types will cover most of your needs. The container and grid blocks will allow you to design page layouts quickly and efficiently.

The free version is perfectly usable and not crippled down, and it may be sufficient for many users. The premium version adds some useful features, for example, global styles or effects. If you build many websites or see your future in web design, then the premium version should not disappoint you and adding it to your toolkit should improve your workflow.

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