Redis Object Cache

REmote DIctionary Server (Redis) is a type of object cache, which can speed up database queries. To use Redis, it must be installed on your server. Good hosting companies, for example Cloudways, offer Redis in their webhosting plans.

Object cache must not be confused with page caching, which is done by such plugins, as for example WP-Rocket. Redis is a server-side cache and can serve as an additional "layer" of caching. It will improve page load speeds for logged in users and improve dynamic page loads.

The plugin developed by Till Krüss provides a WordPress backend for Redis installed on your server. Once you have activated Redis in your hosting panel, the setup is very simple. You just activate the Redis Object Cache plugin and check the connection status in your WordPress dashboard. You can monitor the effectiveness of Redis in the Metrics tab. The Overview tab allows you to disable Redis temporarily and to purge the cache.

Till Krüss also develops the Object Cache Pro plugin, which may be seen as the premium version of Redis Object Cache, despite a slightly different name. The developer claims it's "the fastest, most advanced and reliable object caching plugin on the market". Object Cache Pro is optimized for WooCommerce sites and promises even better performance than the free plugin.

It doesn't belong to the cheapest WordPress plugins: at the time of writing, the prices start at $95/monthly or $950/yearly. Great news: you don't need to pay that much if you use Cloudways hosting! Recently, Cloudways partnered with the developer and started to include Object Cache Pro in their server plans with 2 GB RAM and above! That's a bargain! A Digital Ocean Premium server with 2 GB RAM rented through Cloudways currently costs $26/month only. If you have a WooCommerce shop or your site has lots of database queries, that's a no-brainer. A Digital Ocean Premium server will be fast anyway and on top of that you get excellent value from the partnership between Cloudways and Till Krüss.

The below table with plugin information and stats refers to the free version (Redis Object Cache), available from the WordPress repository.

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