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GeneratePress is an extremely popular freemium theme developed by Tom Usborne.

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Speed Test Environment

Version Number
WordPress Ver.
Server Location
Frankfurt, Germany
Page Caching
Varnish Active
Test Period
Dec 11, 2021 - Dec 14, 2021
Test Type
Blank Page

WebPageTest.org Tests

Testing Platform: webpagetest.org
Testing Server Location: Frankfurt, Germany - EC2
Browser: Chrome
Connection: Native (No Traffic Shaping)
Resolution: default (1366 x 768)
TestFirst ByteStart RenderFCPSpeed IndexLCPCLSBlockingDC TimeDC RequestsDC Bytes InFL TimeFL RequestsFL Bytes In
10.119 s0.300 s0.304 s0.3000.304 s00 s0.244 s627 kB0.326 s831 kB
20.116 s0.400 s0.395 s0.4000.394 s00 s0.379 s627 kB0.440 s831 kB
30.218 s0.300 s0.337 s0.3000.336 s00 s0.343 s627 kB0.421 s831 kB
40.114 s0.200 s0.230 s0.2000.229 s00 s0.238 s627 kB0.296 s831 kB
50.068 s0.200 s0.189 s0.2000.189 s00 s0.196 s627 kB0.289 s831 kB
60.088 s0.300 s0.296 s0.3000.296 s00 s0.269 s627 kB0.353 s831 kB
70.068 s0.200 s0.161 s0.2000.160 s00 s0.171 s627 kB0.224 s831 kB
80.081 s0.300 s0.277 s0.3000.277 s00 s0.271 s627 kB0.337 s831 kB
90.128 s0.300 s0.246 s0.3000.245 s00 s0.270 s627 kB0.335 s831 kB
100.243 s0.400 s0.362 s0.4000.361 s00 s0.370 s627 kB0.370 s831 kB
110.126 s0.300 s0.327 s0.3000.327 s00 s0.333 s627 kB0.414 s831 kB
120.089 s0.300 s0.307 s0.3000.306 s00 s0.284 s627 kB0.367 s831 kB
130.174 s0.300 s0.292 s0.3000.292 s00 s0.311 s627 kB0.440 s831 kB
140.072 s0.200 s0.175 s0.2000.174 s00 s0.198 s627 kB0.271 s831 kB
150.069 s0.300 s0.301 s0.3000.301 s00 s0.201 s627 kB0.334 s831 kB
Median Values0.116 s0.300 s0.296 s0.3000.296 s00 s0.270 s627 kB0.337 s831 kB
Average Values0.1596 s0.2866 s0.2799 s0.28660.2794 s00 s0.2718 s627 kB0.3623 s831 kB

GT Metrix Tests

Testing Platform: gtmetrix.com
Testing Server Location: London
Device: desktop
Browser: Chrome 90.0.4430.212
Lighthouse Version: 8.3.0
TestPerformanceStructureLCPBlocking T.CLSConnectTTFBT. to InteractiveSpeed IndexOnloadFully LoadedPDF
1100%99%0.281 s0 s00.0390.143 s0.281 s0.277 s0.266 s0.352 s
2100%99%0.401 s0 s00.0600.157 s0.401 s0.378 s0.378 s0.479 s
3100%99%0.267 s0 s00.0430.143 s0.267 s0.261 s0.261 s0.361 s
4100%99%0.308 s0 s00.0580.154 s0.308 s0.295 s0.295 s0.383 s
5100%99%0.284 s0 s00.0500.151 s0.284 s0.281 s0.258 s0.354 s
6100%99%0.423 s0 s00.0650.201 s0.423 s0.420 s0.419 s0.546 s
7100%99%0.350 s0 s00.0520.237 s0.350 s0.345 s0.342 s0.449 s
8100%99%0.269 s0 s00.0570.139 s0.269 s0.267 s0.258 s0.348 s
9100%99%0.402 s0 s00.0600.156 s0.402 s0.379 s0.368 s0.487 s
10100%99%0.266 s0 s00.0410.133 s0.266 s0.260 s0.252 s0.337 s
11100%99%0.273 s0 s00.0540.158 s0.273 s0.276 s0.265 s0.346 s
12100%99%0.391 s0 s00.0490.199 s0.391 s0.390 s0.378 s0.511 s
13100%99%0.336 s0 s00.0490.199 s0.336 s0.327 s0.319 s0.420 s
14100%99%0.385 s0 s00.0780.192 s0.385 s0.378 s0.369 s0.468 s
15100%99%0.482 s0 s00.0400.367 s0.482 s0.480 s0.474 s0.757 s
Median Values100%99%0.341 s0 s00.053 s0.182 s0.341 s0.334 s0.327 s0.439 s-
Average Values100%99%0.336 s0 s00.052 s0.157 s0.336 s0.3270.319 s0.420 s-
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