Building Fast WordPress Sites

Fast-loading websites don’t need to be ugly or crude. Yes, you can have good quality images and custom webfonts and still have a website that loads super-fast. Is WordPress slow? It can certainly be very slow, if the web designer doesn’t know how to build fast WordPress sites. But it can also be blazing-fast if the site is built properly.

It’s not rocket science to build a very fast WordPress website. And developing and maintaining it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Are you curious how to do it? Then explore Speed Up Press, bookmark it and come again later for more tips and tricks. Have fun speeding up your websites!

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Many WordPress speed gurus will tell you that speed scores don’t matter. It is true, to some extent. What matters are actual page load times, not scores. While it is possible for a slow site to achieve good speed scores and for a fast site to have poor speed scores, often there is a correlation between good scores and fast load times. Generally, the recommendations given by the popular speed testing tools are quite helpful and if you follow their advice, in many cases you should be able to improve the load times of your website. My websites typically achieve great speed scores and also load very fast.

Unlike most other WordPress websites, this site does not use the popular jQuery library at all. You can build quite a lot without jQuery, although many web designers and plugin developers are almost addicted to that otherwise great library. Explore the site and see what is possible without jQuery, find vanilla JS alternatives to plugins depending on jQuery.

The word “press” in the site’s name stands for WordPress. WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, powering more than one-third of the Internet. Even though WordPress is open-source software, the name WordPress is trademarked, and therefore it is not possible to use website or company names containing this name, which is perfectly understandable. Most websites and companies dealing with WordPress use either the abbreviation “WP” or the word “press”. If you have already been using WordPress for some time, you are probably aware of these two conventions. As this website is not related to the WordPress Foundation in any way whatsoever, it may not have WordPress in its domain name or site’s name.