Swift Performance

Swift Performance is a freemium caching and speed optimization plugin for WordPress. The free version, called Swift Performance Lite is hosted in the official WordPress plugin repository.

The free version offers quite a generous set of features. Besides generating and serving page cache, the plugin can minify and combine JS and CSS files, optimize the database and organize plugins. Usually, plugin scripts are loaded on every URL. With the plugin organizer in Swift Performance, you can decide which plugins should be "active" on which URLs.

The Pro version includes, among other features, usage of the Compute API (the process of generating the cache is moved to an external server, provided by Swift Performance), or unlimited image optimization.

As the developers admit, the plugin uses some advanced and aggressive optimization techniques to achieve fast page loads. Many users are extremely happy with the achieved results. Some users have complained about issues caused by the plugin. The correct configuration is important for any caching plugin, but in the case of Swift Performance, perhaps even more so.

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