WebP Express

WebP Express is an image optimization plugin for WordPress that solves a real problem - it serves images in the .webp format to browsers that support it and .jpg or .png to other browsers (e.g. Safari).

The WebP format offers a better quality to compression level than JPG and its usage is recommended by Google. In a perfect world, we could simply upload .webp files and forget completely about .jpg images.

However, quite a significant part of your visitors might be using Apple devices with the Safari browser. And they would not see those images, because for many years Safari developers were in denial and ignored this format. They finally saw the light some time ago, but until now, the .webp format is supported only partially in Safari (the support depends on the version of the operating system).

This nice little plugin developed by Bjørn Rosell solves this problem and does that very well. It will generate .webp versions of your images and will instruct your WordPress website to serve the correct version to your visitors. It can be done through .htaccess rules, or, if you use a CDN (e.g. Cloudflare), the HTML markup of the pages must be altered.

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